In creating this blog, I hope to share with other like-minded people my interest in observing and intuiting earth changes, such as earthquakes and other natural activity, before they may occur.
Instead of using the words prophecy, prediction and/or pre-empting, I tend to use the word ‘feeling’ or ‘feelings’ to describe the inklings I get regarding potential earthquakes and other earthly events.
Since I was a small child my intuition and feelings prior to numerous earthly ‘events’ were confirmed as time passed. Now, I am not always correct. I am no great wise one with infinite abilities to foresee events.
I hope to post interesting links, Youtube videos and my own observations/feelings regarding earthquakes, volcanoes and such.
One thing I'd like to add here, is that I am aware that some earthquake and other natural events can adversely affect many people and their communities. So whatever I add to this blog is not for reasons of sensationalism or for satisfaction of confirmation of any 'feelings' I may have about events. I always am considerate and empathetic to/of the impact of such things.
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 14 2012 - next 7 days

September 14th 2012 – next 7 days – from 6pm, Melbourne, Australia time.

I have created this next lot of regions/M’s to encompass the next 7 days, just for this post. This post was ‘written’ on Friday September 14th and finished at 6pm, Melbourne time. It is now Saturday, and the only time I have had to paste it to my blog. So, you will see a few of my ‘feelings’ (regions) have occurred since Friday, 6pm, but I’ll not remove them from this post as they were ones I felt may occur at the conclusion of typing up my notes.

North America

North, Central and Southern California regions will continue to rumble with M1’s, M2’s and sporadic M3+’s.
Nevada has been experiencing fairly consistent M1’s and the odd M2’s. I feel this region may experience another M3+.
N/E of Bakersfield (mountains) M2’s and an M2+ (+?).
N/E and west of Sacramento an M2 and M2+ respectively.
East of Fresno an M2 and possibly an M2+
North of Mexicali - east of San Diego M2’s and maybe an M3++
San Diego region (coast and off shore) an M2 (+?) and M3+ respectively
Red Bluff (region) M2, maybe an M3 (+?)
South of Eureka an M3+ and maybe west and north west or south west (offshore) an M3+
San Francisco region (including bay) M2, maybe an M2+ (+?)
Maybe south-west of Portland, Oregon (at sea) and maybe north west an M3+
Between Portland and Seattle (Washington) an M2+ (+?)
North of Washington state an M2+
Los Angeles (near the Channel Islands National Park) may feel an M3 (+?)

Other US states which may feel an M2 or M2+ are Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, North Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee/North Carolina border, south east of Pennsylvania, New York City coast.
“If you imagine an ‘L’ shape, from Washington/Montana, down to Utah/Arizona – then east across and including states such as Colorado, Kansas/Oklahoma, Missouri/Arkansas, Kentucky/Tennessee/Mississippi through to Virginia – there seems to be occurrences of M1’s, M2’s and the occasional M3. This pattern will probably continue – with the M’s popping up in these states sporadically”.

Yosemite, Death Valley and Yellowstone National parks may feel M1’s, M2’s and maybe an M3+

Central America
Mexico offshore Guadalajara, an M3+
Guatemala/El Salvador/Nicaragua, there may be more M3+’s
Revilla Gigedo.Island (Mexico) may see an M3(+?)
On the border of Costa Rica and Panama, along the coast or just offshore, I feel there may be an M3+.
Near Acapulco (offshore) may feel an M3+.
The southern end of the Gulf of California may feel an M3+.
East of Belize and near the Cayman Islands region may feel an m3. 
Due south of San Diego (US)/west of the (middle of) west coast of the Gulf of California – an M3+  
Guatemala M3+’s
South of Oaxaca maybe an M3+ (offshore?)
South of Santiago (offshore) an M3+

Dominican Republic/Puerto Rico/British Virgin Islands
Regions may feel an M2 and maybe an M3+.

South America
Antofagasta and Santiago (Chile), Peru/Ecuador, western Bolivia – may experience M2+’s and/or M3++’s.
Colombia may see another M3++ again.
The Galapagos Islands may feel movement of m3+.
Only mild feeling for the South Sandwich Islands for an M3+.
Argentina has been experiencing some reasonable quakes, and I feel this (M3++) may continue sporadically. The Chile/Argentina border region is particularly the region I am referring to.
Venezuela may feel an M3 (+?)
Offshore of Chile (near Maule) M3++

East coast of South America – east of (at sea, South Atlantic) French Guiana and Rio De Janeiro (maybe south east) M3+ 
For some reason I am being drawn to Uruguay on the lower east coast of South America for an M3 (+?) (note added 8.15pm, Saturday, Melbourne time). 

The Yukon may see another M2 and maybe an M3+.
Off the coast of British Columbia may feel an M3+.
Vancouver may feel an M2 or M3.
South of Greenland and east of Newfoundland & Labrador again may feel some more movement (this could be a ridge/trench in the North Atlantic)
Between Montreal and Toronto M2 (M2+?)
South of the Yukon (Gulf of Alaska) maybe an M3+
South west Alberta maybe an M2

Pacific islands –
The Solomon’s, PNG, Vanuatu, (Mariana/Guam), Samoa, Fiji and Tonga may experience more M3+’s.
Santa Cruz islands may feel an M3 (+?).
South of GuamMicronesia islands may see some movement M4+
The Bismarck Arch region may feel an M3+
Palau may feel an m3.
Between New Caledonia and Vanuatu maybe an M2+

Tahiti/Pitcairn/Easter Islands regions –

New Zealand
South Island – perhaps an M3 in the north and M3+ south of the island. There could be a mild possibility of an M3+ south of the South Island, at sea.
Christchurch will continue to feel the odd M1’s and M2’s. There may be an M3+ off shore.
North Island – may again experience an M3+ NE of the island; maybe also east of Wellington. South of Auckland, inland, may feel an M3, but this is not a strong feeling at the moment. (repeat of last post)
Kermadec islands may show up with some more movement of M3+.
East of Gisborne, off shore or coast? Maybe an M3 (+?).
White Island may come into the picture again for an M3+.
Between Palmerston North and Napier an M2(+?)
East of Dunedin (at sea) M2+?

I am going to post a link below to the Australian Geoscience website, for you to look at all the current tremors felt around Australia. The regions I have speculated on have been experiencing a few tremors.
Western Australia, South Australia, NT and NSW and Victoria have all experienced M2’s and a couple of M2+’s. The far western border and far eastern border of Victoria have come up with M2+’s. Victoria, south east, south and/or Bass Strait may pop up with an M3.
I feel we may see some more inland locations, dotted, in various states, M2’s and the odd M3. There is still pressure/movement occurring in the plates to the north, east and north east of Oz, this may be aggravating some faults on our mainland.
I meant add too that I feel we may see more tremors up the east coast of OZ. 
North east of Brisbane, way out in the Coral Sea, may see an M2+?????
Way west of Perth (at sea) a ridge/trench may come up with an M4 (+?).
South West of WA will continue to feel an odd M2 and maybe an M3.

Indonesia (repeat)
The north/west, south and west side of Sumatra may again experience an M3+(+?).
Salawesi and the Banda Sea (including the Moluccas islands) regions may experience more M3+’s.
The Celebes Sea is drawing me to it just slightly for an M3+.
Halmahera (Moluccas) maybe another M3+
South of Bali (east Java) may feel an M3+(+?) again.

May continue to experience the odd M4+(+?). The movement here has not settled yet.

May experience an m3+ and maybe north east of Taiwan, towards Naha.

Japan and Islands– (repeat)
Maybe east and north east of Tokyo and Honshu, an M3+?
And north/east of northern Japan.
Kuril Islands and far west of the Kurils maybe an M3+.
The Volcanic islands may see another M4+
East of Morioka (off coast) maybe an M3+

Alaska and the Aleutian islands –
Alaska, mainland, will continue to rumble with M1’s, M2’s and the odd M3+. M1+’s may continue rumble north inland.
Central Alaska may feel another M3+(+?).
The Aleutian Islands (peninsula) are ‘sticking’ with me for a potential M4+, as well as M2+’s.
The northern region of the Gulf of Alaska may experience an m3+.

Western Russia, the far east and central south (near border with Mongolia/Kazakhstan) may experience an M3’ish.
Kamchatka may see another M3+.
The Sea of Okhotsk may see an M3+.
North of the Laptev Sea (north of the central top coast of Russia).
Maybe near the border with Finland/Belarus an M3(+?).
South east of Novosibirsk (near border with Mongolia) M2+??

Will continue to sporadically experience M1’s and M2’s. Another M3 (+?) may be felt.

An M3+ may pop up in the far west, central south, south west, north west and east/south/east.

Tibet/Nepal –
Still a mild feeling of an M3+

Myanmar/Thailand –
Maybe near Yangon an M2+(+?) and Andaman Sea an M3+, Myanmar M3++

West, central and north east may experience an M3++.
Afghanistan/Pakistan border an m3+?
Afghanistan/Tajikistan border an M3+?

Maybe southern and northern Pakistan (border with India?) and north with the border of Afghanistan – M3’ish
I am being drawn to west of Karachi for an M3+
A ridge/trench in the Arabian Sea may see an M3++

Iran – (repeat)
North western, east and southern regions may see an M3+, maybe the Iran/Iraq border too.
Iran/Turkmenistan border? M3+
The Caspian Sea may experience an M3+.

Border may see an m3+ (+?).and an M3+ for Kyrgyzstan central.

Will continue to rumble with M1’s, M2’s and the odd M3 (maybe +)
Near Van an M3+
South of the Black Sea an M2+?
Central Turkey a M3+ (north of Adana)
South west near Rhodes an M3 (+?)
West (Aegean Sea) an m3+?



May experience another M3


Denmark/Norway/Finland/Sweden –
-, M2, M1 and M3 respectively



M2 (east)


United Kingdom, Ireland and Scotland –
North UK an M2 ? Ireland M1? Scotland M1?

Iceland/Jan Mayen Islands regions –
Maybe another m3++

(west of) ridge/trench in Greenland sea m3+

Greece – (repeat)
Southern Greece may be visited by an M3++ and the odd m2. The Mediterranean and Ionian Sea and/or Aegean Sea may see another M3 (++?)

May feel another M2+ and maybe another M3
South M2+
South west of Naples and north of Centro M2+
East of Catania M2+
Northern Italy between Torino and Verona m2+
Maybe between Florence and Terni an M2+

Spain and Portugal –
May feel an M2+ and M3+ respectively. 
Funchal Islands, Azores Islands may feel M2+(+?)’s.
Gibraltar an M3?
Ponta Delgada Islands/Angra Do Heroismo (well west of Portugal in the North Atlantic) an m3+
Canary Islands  M3+?

North and South Atlantic –
May see an m3++.

Pacific Seas
South, Central and North Pacific ridges m3++

Southern Ocean –
Maybe well below South America and/or south/east of New Zealand – not strong feeling atm.

Arctic Ocean
North east of Greenland M4+?

Indian Ocean -
Well west of Australia ridge/trench may surprise with an M3+
South of Madagascar and Madagascar itself maybe an m3+

Greenland Sea
North east  and east of Greenland M3+

Norwegian Sea
West of Norway (ridge/trench) M3+

Bulgaria/Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina –
M2 (+?), M2+ and M2++ respectively.

Between Romania and Ukraine M1+?

Ukraine/Belarus border

South M2

France/Germany/Austria –
Maybe M1+’s for all (an M2 for Germany?)

? border with Nepal and Pakistan, an m3?
South west, off shore? M3+?
West of Bangalore? M3 (at sea).

north/east of Ethiopia,
North of Morocco,
Near the Gulf of Adenmaybe an M3 (+?)
North of Libya maybe an M2+
North east of Tunisia M3?
North/east of Somalia M3?
South west of Liberia? M3+? (ridge)
Far south/west and south/east of Cape Town at sea (ridge) m3+?
South west of Nigeria (at sea) an M3 (+?)
Eastern Eritrea M3
West of Equatorial Guinea (ridge/trench) M3(+?)

Saudi Arabia/Yemen/Oman –
Maybe south of Yemen, north/west of Saudi Arabia (and maybe south/east, maybe north east, south and east of Oman M3+
Perhaps the Red Sea, near Eritrea an M3

Slovakia/Austria/Czech Republic
-, M2, M2+ - respectively 

This is another substantial list again, and I have probably left out a couple of regions.
Again, these M’s are only feelings and not predictions. So, I may be quite wrong with some of them and some may not occur at all, which is what I actually hope for.
I hope for all communities to be safe and peaceful.

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