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Since I was a small child my intuition and feelings prior to numerous earthly ‘events’ were confirmed as time passed. Now, I am not always correct. I am no great wise one with infinite abilities to foresee events.
I hope to post interesting links, Youtube videos and my own observations/feelings regarding earthquakes, volcanoes and such.
One thing I'd like to add here, is that I am aware that some earthquake and other natural events can adversely affect many people and their communities. So whatever I add to this blog is not for reasons of sensationalism or for satisfaction of confirmation of any 'feelings' I may have about events. I always am considerate and empathetic to/of the impact of such things.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 19th 2012 - next 7 days

"Que La Nature Est Belle" by njaj

From December 19th  - next 7 days, (completed 12am Melbourne, Australia time)

Repeat of last post;

‘Water’ was featuring in my ‘feelings’ (intuition) in the last 2 weeks particularly. And I feel that during the next several weeks, ‘water’ may feature in many movements. This could mean plates, ridges, trenches etc., and underwater volcanic behaviour.  This may also mean water level disturbances (I don’t mean of a significant nature at this stage).
We may see more ‘unusual’ occurrences relating to water. For example, there may be possible discoloration, temperature and perhaps sea-life behaviour in some places. There may be even some species migration to waters not normally in their usual migratory ‘plan’.

I ‘feel’ there may be a river/waterway which may temporarily have its flow direction reverse. Also a collection of water (small lake?) may disappear and another increase or appear in another region.

Generally speaking, I feel that a possible increased feature for December activity could be some smoke plumes, peat fires, water disturbances (as above), volcanic ash, steam vents, ‘gas’ issues with lakes (e.g. ongoing sinkhole issues and volcanic lakes), plate irritations, fault line awakenings/jitters and some severe weather/atmospheric activity. This is not meant to be of ‘disaster movie’ proportions, just Mother Earth acting up a little. 

Also from a previous, very recent post; 
There may be a region which may need to call on the assistance of the world-wide community to assist their peoples to restore peace and the well-being of their people, homes and sustenance.  Water, again, may be a concern.
I get a feeling that we are getting much closer to a major volcanic eruption/s. The areas I am particularly drawn to are between Japan and Kamchatka (far east Russia), and maybe Indonesia. But there are some other places which are niggling at me too. (Also Guatemala, Ecuador, White Island NZ, maybe Iceland, maybe near Tanzania.....)

Remember; everything mentioned in this post are just ‘feelings’ not predictions of future events. Some will come up; some may and some won’t and I may completely ‘miss’ some regions.

Note; At the end of the list of countries, I have added a newer and better list of Seas and Oceans

Victoria has experienced very faint movements. I get a feeling that Victoria is ‘brewing’ for another ‘movement’ by the end of December 2012.

M2+(?) S/E, N/E and maybe south of Vic.
Maybe Bass Strait? I am still ‘stuck’ with my ‘feelings’ about this region.
Maybe east or west of King Island M?
Maybe near Macquarie Island m2++?
NSW/Canberra Canberra region M2(+?), near Sydney M2(+?), far N/W M2(+?)
South Australia S/E, N/E, West M2(+?)
Northern Territory west of central, central and near Darwin M2+(+?)
Western Australia East of Perth, Nth/central/south of the border with NT & SA, west of Exmouth? (sea) M3(+?)
Queensland S/W M3, Brisbane region ?? M2+?. I had a strange feeling 2 days ago that Qld. near  the border of NSW, south or SE of the Cunnamulla region, may experience an M3+(+?) – but I am probably wrong (was a dream that jolted me out of my sleep).
Tasmania maybe top coast region of Tassie (at sea) M3(+?), maybe S/W M2+(+?)
South of Australia continent and north/central/west – maybe M3++’s (ridge/trench)
Maybe south west and west of the Australian continent (plate irritations)
North east of Australia (Coral Sea) ?M2+(+?)
Maybe the north western regions of the top of Australia, M2(++?)

New Zealand (repeat)
North Island
N/E of at sea M3
Lake Taupo regions M3
Rotorua region M2+(+?)
Gisbourne and east of M2(+?)
Napier far N/E (sea) & south of M2(+?)
Palmerston North regions M2(+?)
Whanganui M2(+?)
?Wellington M3(+?), N/E M2’s, west of M2 
Kermadec Islands M3+(+?) may feel very faint continuous movements and the potential of larger movements of m2++(?)   

White Island volcano may cause some problems. 

South Island
Christchurch M1’s, M2’s and maybe an M3(?)
Maybe S/W of the South Island (sea) m3+   

North America
Central US
 “If you imagine an ‘L’ shape, from Washington/Montana, down to Utah/Arizona – then east across and including states such as Colorado, Kansas/Oklahoma, Missouri/Arkansas, Kentucky/Tennessee/Mississippi through to Virginia, sweeping up to Maine – there seems to be occurrences of M1’s, M2’s and the occasional M3. This pattern will probably continue – with the M’s popping up in these states sporadically” .Louise Page 2012  (I am going to leave this in this post, I feel it is relevant).

This line I refer to above, incorporating the activities surrounding, sinkhole appearances (current), ‘booms’/explosions being heard and other reports from communities, makes it a little harder to pinpoint some areas for M’s, as the feeling I’m getting is for a general ‘sweep’ (M’s occurring in various places – sporadically) for the U.S..

Maybe Pennsylvania, Ohio, Vermont/New York, Virginia, Maine M2’s (maybe an M3?)
Get a feeling that Florida may feel an M2(++?)
(vague thought) 2 communities with “Fort” beginning their name may come up with an M2(+?)

West (repeat & more)
Baja, California (Mexico bordering U.S. off shore) may continue/renew movement of an M2+ and possibly an M3+(+?) nature.

All up and down California coast and inland (Parks) will continue to rumble with M1’s, M2’s, M3’s and the odd M3+?.
San Francisco is sticking with me a little for an M3+. Maybe between LA and San Francisco (?? Near Salinas and/or Lompoc)
Sth/west of Thousand Oaks (offshore) maybe an M3(+?)
West of Eureka maybe an M3+(+?)
West of Coos Bay M3(+?)
East and west of Grants Pass M2+(+?)
S/W of Olympic Park? M3(+?)
Seattle? M3(+?)
West of Spokane (Washington State) M2(+?)
Reno, Nevada M2+(?)
Las Vegas, Nevada maybe an M2+(+?)
East and west for Fresno M2+(+?)
Redding/Red Bluff M2(+?)
National Parks
Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Lassen, Pinnacles National Monument, San Antonio Mount, Sequoia, San Jacinto Peak, Joshua Tree ranging from M1’s, M2’s & maybe an M3+(?) between Kings Canyon and Yosemite???
Washington may come up with M2(++?)

Central America
Baja, California (Mexico bordering U.S. off shore) may continue/renew movement of an M2+ and possibly an M3+(+?) nature.
Gulf of California lower end M3(+?), west of coast M3+(+?)
Mexico west of Guadalajara, W of Acapulco, S of Oaxaca, S of Salina Cruz? M3+(+?) 
Guatemala M3+(+?)
Guadalajara maybe an M3+(+?)
El Salvador  M3+(+?)
Nicaragua M3+(+?) west of
Honduras/Belize M2+??
Costa Rica M3+(+?)
Panama M3+(+?)

Antigua/Barbados/Guadeloupe regions
The islands in this region has experienced intermittent (semi-regular) very faint movements. Mild possibility on an M1++(?) for this region.

Jamaica/Cayman Islands regions
May also feel (and has been experiencing) very faint, semi-regular movements, below M1. Mild feeling of a movement M1(++?)

South America
All down the west coast – down to Santiago (and a bit below) may continue to experience clusters of M2’s/M3’s and alternate clusters of M3’s/M4’s, with the odd M4+(?) occurring sporadically inland, shore-line and off shore.
Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia may come up with M3(+?)
(South Sandwich Islands may come up with M3+(+?)) 
The regions around (north, south,east) Tarapaca, Chile, may become problematic (M3+[+?]

Alaska and the Aleutian islands
North M1’s to M3’s. Maybe an M3+(?)
Central M1’s to M3’s. Maybe an M3+(?)
South M1’s to M3’s. Maybe an M3+(?)
?Gulf maybe an M3+(++?)
Aleutians M1’s, 2’s, the odd M3. Possibly an M3++(?) central and west

Dominican Republic/Puerto Rico/British Virgin Islands
Maybe an odd M3(+?) particularly Puerto Rico (perhaps semi-regular faint movement of below M1)

Southern Yukon (and maybe northern), southern Ontario maybe M2+(+?)
The Gulf of St. Lawrence is still sticking with me for an M?? as is the North Western Passages??.
Between Rimouski and Quebec City (waterway), maybe an M2(+?)
Maybe between London and Sudbury (land and/or waterway?) an M2(+?)
I keep getting drawn to the general region of the Louis Babel Ecological Reserve (I could totally wrong here), maybe only mild movement, not sure.
Maybe southern Saskatchewan an M2(+?)
The Hudson Bay/North Western Passages are tweeking my feelings slightly M??
Maybe west of Vancouver an M3(+?)
Queen Charlotte islands may reactivate with M2’s and/or M3+(+?)’s

Pacific Ocean islands (repeat)
Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, PNG and most of the other Pacific Islands may still be prone to M3+(+?)’s. I feel we may see an M4+’s(+?)
Wake Island may experience continuous very mild movements and maybe an M1++?
The Solomon’s may experience quite regular minor movements of under M1 and M1. But also may be prone to M2++(+?)
Including the North down to the Southern Pacific Islands (e.g. Midway Atoll, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Cook, Pitcairn, Mariana, Easter and surrounds) may feel continuous faint movements.  The odd one may feel an M2 and/or M2+?
Galapagos Islands and near Cocos Is. Maybe an M3+(+?)

Indonesia (repeat)
From the Sulu, Celebes, Molucca and Banda Seas regions, at sea and on land in some parts may continue to feel the odd M3+(+?). The lands/waters between the Banda and Timor Seas may see a movement of M3+(?)
Again, the sweep of lands from Sumatra, through to below Java and Denpasar are still drawing me to it for further movement of potential M3+(+?). This could be in relation to both plate boundary and volcanic activity.

Maybe west of, in the Andaman Sea an m3+(+?)

Philippines (repeat)
East and west of the Philippine lands may have the potential for movements of M3 and/or M3+(+?).
Maybe even out east to the Palau Islands there could be some movement of M3+(+?)
The Davao region may experience moderately regular faint movements of under M1 and the potential of larger movements east of Davao.
The Sulu Sea maybe an m3(+?)
Maybe east of Luzon M3(+?)

May again show some movement of an M3+(+?) nature. Near Naha an M3+(+?)

Korea N/S
?Maybe east in the Sea of Japan a movement of M3+(+?) nature.

Japan and Islands
I feel that Japan (east of Honshu for e.g.) will not let up, and we will see more of the plate movement of late.
Japan’s volcanic islands may sporadically come up with an M2(++?)

Kuril Islands may see M3+(+?)’s
East of Honshu, Tokyo, Morioka and Sendai may feel M3+(+?)’s.
Way east of Sapporo (plate boundary) may see an M3+(+?)
Mount Fuji may experience some raised activity and the surrounding lakes/waterways may experience changes (but I must remind all that this is a mild feeling only re: the lakes/rivers)
Japan may experience regular smaller movements (under M1), with possible further movements of a larger nature.
The Sea of Japan may experience some ‘movement’ of an M2+ nature – still only a mild feeling.

Mild feeling for the border with Laos – M1++?
Faint movements may be semi-regular (M1 or under)
Northern Vietnam may feel an M3(+?)

Maybe western Mongolia?? M3+(+?)
Maybe M2(+?) with possibly semi-regular faint movements of below M1 – 1.

Central south – maybe S/E of Novosibirsk M3+(+?)
Maybe north of Georgia M3+(+?)
Maybe north in the Laptev Sea M3+(+?)
Mild feeling for north-eastern Russia (some semi-regular/regular? minor movement of under M1, maybe up to M2(+?) [Below the East Siberian Sea]
Maybe near/in the sea of Okhotsk and the Kamchatka Peninsula (volcano)
Maybe on the island of Sakhalin (hope I’ve spelt that name correctly), a moderately regular movement of below M1 may be experienced, and possibly a movement of M1++? 
Maybe above the central/north border of Mongolia, in Russia near the waterway, near Irkutsk, an M2(++?)

Will more than likely continue to feel M1’s, 2’S and the odd M3. I still get a mild feeling about the surrounding waters possibly being mildly problematic on the eastern side of the islands. If the Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada experience an M4(+?) movement, this could affect such water movements on the east of Hawaii.
Xinjiang, Sichuan, Hubei (west of), Yunnan and Beijing are drawing me to them for maybe M3+(+?)’s
South west China an M3+(?)
For some reason, I am being drawn a little to Hainan, which is south of Guangxi. M3(?)

Border maybe an M3+(+?) (mild feeling only)
Maybe south-east M3(?)

Maybe more movement of an M3+(+?) nature – towards centre and/or central north.
Thailand – north-west region may feel semi-regular (?) faint movements of ?M1 and under, maybe with a potential of M2(?)

Maybe north/east M3+(+?) and lower border with Pakistan.
Maybe north with Tajikistan border M3(+?)

Maybe north/east and south near the Gulf of Oman an M3+(+?)
(Islamabad and Karachi?????)

Maybe the Persian Gulf and Tehran M3(+?)
Maybe south-east M2+(+?)
Maybe near Tabriz (north/west)

Maybe west – Caspian Sea and east near lower Uzbekistan M3(+?)

M3(+?) ??

Eastern Kazakhstan and far west (Caspian Sea) M3(+?)
Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan border M3+(+?)

Near Georgia and/or the Caspian Sea – M3+(+?)

West, central and east
Maybe near Rhodes, Bursa, Antalya and Adana, Ankara and Van. M2’s and possible M3(+?)’s

Near Moldova? M1(+?)

Maybe an M2+. Possibly an M3+(+?)


Maybe an m2(+?)

M2’s and possibly M3(+)

M2’s and possibly M3(+)

Denmark – maybe an M1(+?)
Norway may experience faint movements of a semi-consistent nature, with a possibility of an M2(+?)
Finland – not sure
Sweden maybe an M2(+?)

?Maybe near the border with France M2

Maybe an M1+(+?)

Not sure

Maybe an M2 or an M2+?
?Mountain ranges

Maybe an M2(++?)

Feeling for the mountain ranges, M2(+?)

United Kingdom, Ireland and Scotland
M2’s (possibly M3), M1+? And M2’s? respectively
The waters in the U.K. (maybe the English Channel and west of the UK) may see an M2(+?).
The “L’s” are sticking with me again - ??London/Leeds M2(+?)

Iceland and Jan Mayen Islands regions
Maybe M3+? for both, but not sure. If movement occurs, could be M3++?

Maybe M3+? but not sure. If movement occurs, could be M3++?

Southern regions may continue to experience M2’s, M3’s and maybe even an M3++?
Crete maybe an M3(+?)

Southern Italy, including Sicily and maybe north of Italy. M2+(+?)

Spain and Portugal
Canary islands may become more active – M2++?
Gibraltar – M3(+?) and M2+?
West of Lisbon (Portugal) M2++?
Madrid and near the Bay of Biscay M3(+?)

Bulgaria/Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina
Not sure, maybe M2+, maybe M2+(+?)

Maybe an m2++?

Ukraine/Belarus border
Not sure at this stage

Maybe an M2+

France maybe an M2, M2+ or perhaps an M3+(+?)
Germany maybe only M2’s. Faint feeling of an M2+?

Central and north?? Maybe an M3+(+?)

Parts of Africa may feel semi-constant faint rumbles.
DR Congo/Tanzania maybe an M3+(+?)
Nigeria/Cameroon maybe an M2+
Liberia maybe an M2++?
Maybe Namibia/Angola coastal border region an M3(???)
Maybe northern Algeria an M2++?
Ethiopia may experience M1’s and/or under. Outside chance of an M2+
Kenya and Zambia – only very mild feelings for M1 to M2

Madagascar region
Maybe M3+(+?)

Saudi Arabia/Yemen/Oman/Egypt
Maybe east of Oman M2+?
Maybe south-east of Yemen M2+?
Maybe Eritrea M2+
Maybe west of Saudi Arabia (Red Sea)
Egypt – maybe the northern border with the Mediterranean Sea an M2(++?)

Slovakia/Czech Republic
Not sure and M2+(+?) respectively

Maybe south of Africa and New Zealand – M4+
I feel that the continent of Antarctica is quietly rumbling fairly consistently near the regions of their ‘active’ volcanoes???

Maybe faint movements around M1 or under.

Mild movement perhaps of M2? Or less, but may be a surprise region for an M3(?)


The Red, Black and Arabian Seas
May all feel some movement ranging from M2 to maybe M3+(+?)

Indian Ocean

May experience some sort of movement from M2+ to possibly M3+(+)
Central, south and far north.
And maybe near the French Southern & Antarctic Lands/ Heard island region M3+(+?)
The Indian Ocean may come up with m3+(+?), west of Australia?
And/or east of Madagascar.

North and South, Mid Atlantic ridges and/or trenches
Some may come up with M4(+?)

Pacific Seas
Southern may come up with an M4(+?)

Southern Ocean
Maybe south/west of the South Sandwich islands, close to the Antarctic lands, M3+(+?)
Arctic Ocean
Maybe north of/near the Laptev Sea an M2(++?)
Maybe north east of Greenland an M3+(+?)

Greenland Sea
Maybe north east of Greenland an M3+(+?)

Norwegian Sea

Maybe west (slightly north) of Norway an M3+(+?) (way, way west of Bodo)

Arabian Sea
Maybe near Oman and the Gulf of Aden, M2(++?)
Maybe near the south of India, M2(++?)
Maybe east of Somalia, M2(++?)

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