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Since I was a small child my intuition and feelings prior to numerous earthly ‘events’ were confirmed as time passed. Now, I am not always correct. I am no great wise one with infinite abilities to foresee events.
I hope to post interesting links, Youtube videos and my own observations/feelings regarding earthquakes, volcanoes and such.
One thing I'd like to add here, is that I am aware that some earthquake and other natural events can adversely affect many people and their communities. So whatever I add to this blog is not for reasons of sensationalism or for satisfaction of confirmation of any 'feelings' I may have about events. I always am considerate and empathetic to/of the impact of such things.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

World Earthquakes February 2013 Part 2 of 2

Bromo Volcano At Sunrise, Java, Indonesia
by noomhh

TAIWAN – east of Taiwan and again near Naha, M3+(+?) 

MYANMAR – maybe central and/or NE with/near the border with Yunnan, China.

MALAYSIA – The Borneo region maybe an M2+(+?)

MONGOLIA – maybe SW, central north, mild feeling for far west, maybe M2(++?)

RUSSIA – Sakhalin, west of Irkutsk (near the border with Mongolia’s Khovskol Lake, M2+(+?)
Maybe east of Irkutsk, around the region of the lake nearby, M2+(++?)
South west, near Georgia, M3(++?).
Kamchatka, M3+(+?), near St Petersburg (mild feeling) M2(++?), East Siberian Sea M3(+?), Laptev Sea M3(+?), Kuril Islands M2+(++?)

SVALBARD – south of this region (at sea) M2+(+?) and maybe west M3(+?)

INDIA – maybe NE near Bangladesh M2(++?), maybe towards Nepal border M2(++?), west near/with the border of Pakistan M2(++?), maybe near Madhya Pradesh M2(++?)

MALDIVES – maybe in this region and/or possibly west in the lower Arabian Sea, M3(+?)

KAZAHKSTAN – eastern region M3(+?), near Almati. South central and near the Caspian Sea, M3(+?)

TURKMENISTAN – maybe east M2(++?)

UZBEKISTAN – maybe north and south east, M2(++?)

AZERBAIJAN – maybe an M3(+?)

TAJIKISTAN – maybe an M3(+?)

GEORGIA – maybe M2(++?)’s

PAKISTAN – maybe north east and south M2(++?)

IRAN – NW, south, central, SW and north M2(++?)

IRAQ – Iran/Iraq border and maybe near the Persian Gulf M2(++?)

SAUDI ARABIA/YEMEN/OMAN – Saudi Arabia near the Red Sea, Yemen near the Gulf of Aden, Oman east and/or maybe NE. M2(++?)’s

AFGHANISTAN – NE, SE and maybe south M2(++?)

SYRIA – border with Turkey, maybe near the border with Lebanon M2(++?)

TURKEY – near Ankara, Izmir, south west, south central, east, near Rhodes, M2(++?)’s and the occasional M2’s, M3’s

ITALY – north, southern regions M2(++?) and smaller tremors. Central (near coastline of Adriatic Sea) M2(+?). Sicily region M2’s and maybe an M2+(+?)

Dodecanese Islands M2+’s, maybe an M4
Kalamata (west of and maybe south of, Ionian Sea coast)  M2(+?)
Athens (near) maybe an M2+(+?)
(Rhodes region M2+(+?)
Karpathos (S/W of Rhodes) M2(+?)
Crete M2(++?)

CYPRUS – maybe M3(+?)’s

FRANCE – SE, NE and maybe west M2(+?). Perhaps Paris M1+?

SPAIN – Madrid, south and maybe Barcelona M2(+?). Maybe Gibraltar M2(+?). Maybe border with Portugal M2(+?)

PORTUGAL – Maybe border with Spain M2(+?). Maybe west of Lisbon (coast) M2(+)

CANARY ISLANDS – Maybe M3(+?)’s

ALBANIA – Maybe an M2(++?)

GERMANY – east (near Czech Republic), maybe north of Nuremberg, maybe west and NE of Halle, maybe near the border with Austria. M2’s and maybe an M2+?

AUSTRIA – Maybe near the border with Italy, central and between Graz and Vienna. M2’s and maybe an odd M2+(+?)

CZECH REPUBLIC – Maybe near Prague, near south/central border with Austria, maybe near the north/east border with Poland. M2’s and maybe an odd M3+

POLAND – Maybe near or south of Krakow,  maybe near the border with Germany, maybe near Warsaw, maybe east of Rzeszow (towards border with Ukraine). Maybe M2’s and the odd M3(+?)

BELARUS – Maybe south east, but not sure, M2(+?)

UKRAINE – Maybe north of Kiev, maybe near the Black Sea and maybe near the border with Russia. M2’s and maybe an M3+(?)

ROMANIA – Maybe NW, maybe near Bucharest and near the Black Sea. Maybe also near the border with Moldova. M2’s and maybe an M3+

DENMARK – Maybe an M1+

UNITED KINGDOM – Maybe near Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Hull, Aberdeen (Scotland), Edinburgh (Scotland), north/west of Glasgow (Scotland), English Channel, Inverness (Scotland).
Within a triangular ‘boundary’ of Galway, Dublin and Cork (Ireland).
All of the above locations M1+(+?)

NORWAY – Maybe north or NE of Bergen (near the west coast) M1+?

SWEDEN – Maybe an M2 (outside chance of an M2+?) north and/or south

FINLAND  - Mild only feeling of NE and SE, M1+?

ICELAND  - Maybe an M2, M3 and possibly an M3+(+?)

GREENLAND – Maybe an M3 or even an M3+(+?)

AFRICA – SW of Liberia (way off shore) M4+ (this has already occurred). Maybe west of Equatorial Guinea M3+(?). Maybe (mild feeling) Cameroon/Nigeria M2(+?). Maybe Uganda (mild feeling) M2+(?). Tanzania, maybe an M3(+?). Maybe Eritrea, M3(+?). Maybe off coast? Of Somalia M3(+?). Mild feeling for Ethiopia M2(++?). Maybe north coast of Egypt M2(++?). Near the coast of Libya and/or maybe Tunisia M?. The coast of Algeria may feel an M2(++?). Maybe off the coast of Sth. Africa.

Now….this seems like a lot of ‘movement’ I have mentioned for the African continent, and more than likely only a couple of these regions may experience movements. But I get a feeling that the African continent may feel more movements in 2013. This continent could become more ‘active’.
When pasting my lists to this post - my notes for Africa failed to paste here.

INDIAN OCEAN – N, S, W, E and central, maybe M4(+?)
ATLANTIC OCEAN – N, central and south, maybe M4’s and a possible M4+(+?)
PACIFIC OCEAN – south, M4 and maybe an M4+
SOUTHERN OCEAN points meeting of due SW of Tasmania and due south of the border of South Australia and Western Australia.
Way SE of New Zealand South Island, closer to the coast of Antarctica (almost halfway too)
***also see coordinates at end of this post
SEA OF OKHOTSK – Maybe an M3+(+?)
BERING SEA – Mild feeling of an M3+
GREENLAND SEA – Maybe M4 and M4+(?)
ARCTIC OCEAN – Maybe M3+(+?)
CASPIAN SEA – Maybe M3(+?)
BLACK SEA – Maybe M3+(+?)
MICHIGAN LAKE (>) – Maybe M2 (+?) and other issues (gases??)
SEA OF JAPAN – Maybe M3(++?)
SOUTH CHINA SEA – Maybe M3(+?)
SULU and surrounding Seas – M4’s and maybe M4+’s
JAVA SEA – Maybe ?M3
BANDA SEA – Maybe M4’s and M4+(+?)
CELEBES SEA – Maybe M4 and M4+?
TIMOR SEA – Maybe M4, perhaps an M4+?
SOLOMON/BISMARCK SEAS – Maybe M4+’s- Maybe M4(+?)
NORWEGAN SEA – Mild feeling of M4(+?)
NORTH SEA – not sure yet
ENGLISH CHANNEL – Maybe M1, M2 and ?M3+
MEDITERRANEAN SEA  & AEGEAN – M2+, M3+, maybe M4(+?)
GULF OF ALASKA – M3, M4 and maybe M4+?
PERSIAN GULF - ?Maybe M3+?
RED SEA – not sure yet

Not all of the above-mentioned movements may occur. I may also have missed some regions.
Don't take the above as actual predictions of future events. They are just feelings of areas I ma drawn to.

Peace and safety to all.

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