In creating this blog, I hope to share with other like-minded people my interest in observing and intuiting earth changes, such as earthquakes and other natural activity, before they may occur.
Instead of using the words prophecy, prediction and/or pre-empting, I tend to use the word ‘feeling’ or ‘feelings’ to describe the inklings I get regarding potential earthquakes and other earthly events.
Since I was a small child my intuition and feelings prior to numerous earthly ‘events’ were confirmed as time passed. Now, I am not always correct. I am no great wise one with infinite abilities to foresee events.
I hope to post interesting links, Youtube videos and my own observations/feelings regarding earthquakes, volcanoes and such.
One thing I'd like to add here, is that I am aware that some earthquake and other natural events can adversely affect many people and their communities. So whatever I add to this blog is not for reasons of sensationalism or for satisfaction of confirmation of any 'feelings' I may have about events. I always am considerate and empathetic to/of the impact of such things.
Please feel free to send me links of interest or comment on my own content.
So, those of you who find my blog, I hope you enjoy visiting here.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

April - Part 3 of 3

Hi folks.

I have been very distracted this month and have not completed my usual full 'lists' for this blog for April.
But, I have been posting here and there on the Earthquakes thread - General Science - Weatherzone
There you will see I have been mentioning some of my feelings, predominantly for the Pacific Ocean regions - Ring of Fire.
I have pre-empted (for want of a better word) or had strong feelings prior to the big quakes in the Pacific region which have been occurring.

Anyway, if I get a good chance to, I may add some more to this blog soon for April. But in the meantime, I will be posting short notes, feelings and comments on the General Science - Earthquakes thread on WZ. (look for 'Duckweather' - posts)

Peace to all


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    1. Thankyou very much for your comment and kind thoughts.
      Best wishes, Louise ;)