In creating this blog, I hope to share with other like-minded people my interest in observing and intuiting earth changes, such as earthquakes and other natural activity, before they may occur.
Instead of using the words prophecy, prediction and/or pre-empting, I tend to use the word ‘feeling’ or ‘feelings’ to describe the inklings I get regarding potential earthquakes and other earthly events.
Since I was a small child my intuition and feelings prior to numerous earthly ‘events’ were confirmed as time passed. Now, I am not always correct. I am no great wise one with infinite abilities to foresee events.
I hope to post interesting links, Youtube videos and my own observations/feelings regarding earthquakes, volcanoes and such.
One thing I'd like to add here, is that I am aware that some earthquake and other natural events can adversely affect many people and their communities. So whatever I add to this blog is not for reasons of sensationalism or for satisfaction of confirmation of any 'feelings' I may have about events. I always am considerate and empathetic to/of the impact of such things.
Please feel free to send me links of interest or comment on my own content.
So, those of you who find my blog, I hope you enjoy visiting here.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I have returned home from taxiing my teens around and have just learnt that Peru and PNG have experienced an M6+.  I had an uneasy feeling about the potential of this occurring. I hope the people of these regions are safe and this has not caused them problems.

I try to keep the magnitudes of the larger quakes I may mention in my ‘feelings’ as fairly conservative numbers (e.g. M4+). I don’t like to mention larger numbers for the regions I feel may be going to experience a substantial quake, as 1) I may be very wrong and unnecessarily worry some people, and 2) I feel, due to little scientific knowledge, it is not my position to do so.

I may add some more of my ‘feelings’ later or tomorrow morning (Friday, Melbourne time). My focus has turned to the potential impact of these latest larger quakes. Hopefully the depth of these quakes has lessened the chance of any major damage or problems for these communities.

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