In creating this blog, I hope to share with other like-minded people my interest in observing and intuiting earth changes, such as earthquakes and other natural activity, before they may occur.
Instead of using the words prophecy, prediction and/or pre-empting, I tend to use the word ‘feeling’ or ‘feelings’ to describe the inklings I get regarding potential earthquakes and other earthly events.
Since I was a small child my intuition and feelings prior to numerous earthly ‘events’ were confirmed as time passed. Now, I am not always correct. I am no great wise one with infinite abilities to foresee events.
I hope to post interesting links, Youtube videos and my own observations/feelings regarding earthquakes, volcanoes and such.
One thing I'd like to add here, is that I am aware that some earthquake and other natural events can adversely affect many people and their communities. So whatever I add to this blog is not for reasons of sensationalism or for satisfaction of confirmation of any 'feelings' I may have about events. I always am considerate and empathetic to/of the impact of such things.
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

September 22nd 2012 – next 7 days

September 22nd 2012 – next 7 days – from 12am, Melbourne, Australia time.

I have created this next lot of regions/M’s to encompass the next 7 days. This post was ‘written’ on Friday September 14th and finished at 12am (Saturday), Melbourne time. It is now Saturday, and the only time I have had to paste it to my blog. So, you will see a few of my ‘feelings’ (regions) have occurred since Saturday, 12am, but I’ll not remove them from this post as they were ones I felt may occur at the conclusion of typing up my notes.

North America (repeat of last post + extra)

North, Central and Southern California regions will continue to rumble with M1’s, M2’s and sporadic M3+’s.
Nevada has been experiencing fairly consistent M1’s and the odd M2’s. I feel this region may experience another M3+.
N/E of Bakersfield (mountains) M2’s and an M2+ (+?).
N/E and west of Sacramento an M2 and M2+ respectively.
East of Fresno an M2 and possibly an M2+
North of Mexicali - east of San Diego M2’s and maybe an M3++
San Diego region (coast and off shore) an M2 (+?) and M3+ respectively and east of San Diego an M2(+?).
Red Bluff (region) M2, maybe an M3 (+?)
South of Eureka an M3+ and maybe west and north west or south west (offshore) an M3+
San Francisco region (including bay) M2, maybe an M2+ (+?)
Maybe south-west of Portland, Oregon (at sea) and maybe north west an M3+
Between Portland and Seattle (Washington) an M2+ (+?). Also Olympic National Park an M2(+?)
North of Washington state an M2+ and N/E of Seattle, Olympic Peninsula region an M2
North of Santa Rosa an M2
Los Angeles (near the Channel Islands National Park) may feel an M3 (+?)

Other US states which may feel an M2 or M2+ are Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, North Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee/North Carolina border, south east of Pennsylvania, New York City coast, Virginia

“If you imagine an ‘L’ shape, from Washington/Montana, down to Utah/Arizona – then east across and including states such as Colorado, Kansas/Oklahoma, Missouri/Arkansas, Kentucky/Tennessee/Mississippi through to Virginia – there seems to be occurrences of M1’s, M2’s and the occasional M3. This pattern will probably continue – with the M’s popping up in these states sporadically”.

Yosemite, Death Valley and Yellowstone National parks may feel M1’s, M2’s and maybe an M3+

Central America (repeat +more)
Mexico offshore Guadalajara, an M3+
Guatemala/El Salvador/Nicaragua, there may be more M3+’s
Revilla Gigedo.Island (Mexico) may see an M3(+?)
On the border of Costa Rica and Panama, along the coast or just offshore, I feel there may be an M3+.
Near Acapulco (offshore) may feel an M3+.
The southern end of the Gulf of California may feel an M3+.
East of Belize and near the Cayman Islands region may feel an m3. 
Due south of San Diego (US)/west of the (middle of) west coast of the Gulf of California – an M3+  
Guatemala M3+’s
South of Oaxaca maybe an M3+ (offshore?)
South of Santiago (offshore) an M3+
West of Manzanillo (at sea – a ridge?) an M3+?. Manzanillo is S/W of Guadalajara.

Dominican Republic/Puerto Rico/British Virgin Islands
Regions may feel an M2 and maybe an M3+.
The Cayman Islands may feel an M2+ (+?)

South America
Antofagasta and Santiago (Chile), Peru/Ecuador, western Bolivia – may experience M2+’s and/or M3++’s.
Colombia may see another M3++ again.
The Galapagos Islands may feel movement of m3+.
(I've noticed that the Alcedo Volcano, on the Galapagos islands, has a rift/separation in its' western rim. Someone who has vast knowledge of this region may be able to say if this is an old deviation, or one that is recent)

Only mild feeling for the South Sandwich Islands for an M3+.
Argentina has been experiencing some reasonable quakes, and I feel this (M3++) may continue sporadically. The Chile/Argentina border region is particularly the region I am referring to.
Venezuela may feel an M3 (+?)
Offshore of Chile (near Maule) M3++
West of La Paz an M3 (+?) and north-east an M3 (+?)
Mexico City, not a strong feeling of an M3(+?)

East coast of South America – east of (at sea, South Atlantic) French Guiana and Rio De Janeiro (maybe south east) M3+  

The Yukon may see another M2 and maybe an M3+.
Off the coast of British Columbia may feel an M3+.
Vancouver may feel an M2 or M3.
South of Greenland and east of Newfoundland & Labrador again may feel some more movement (this could be a ridge/trench in the North Atlantic)
Between Montreal and Toronto M2 (M2+?)
South of the Yukon (Gulf of Alaska) maybe an M3+
South west Alberta maybe an M2
North west of the Northern Rocky Mountains Provincial Park an M2
Central/east Quebec may feel an M2?

Pacific islands –
The Solomon’s, PNG, Vanuatu, (Mariana/Guam), Samoa, Fiji and Tonga may experience more M3+’s.
Santa Cruz islands may feel an M3 (+?).
South of GuamMicronesia islands may see some movement M4+
The Bismarck Arch region may feel an M3+
Between New Caledonia and Vanuatu maybe an M2+
Between the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu an M3+
The Coral Sea (south of the Solomon’s) an M3

Tahiti/Pitcairn/Easter Islands regions – 

New Zealand(repeat + more)
South Island – perhaps an M3 in the north and M3+ south of the island. There could be a mild possibility of an M3+ south of the South Island, at sea.
Christchurch will continue to feel the odd M1’s and M2’s. There may be an M3+ off shore.
North Island – may again experience an M3+ NE of the island; maybe also east of Wellington. South of Auckland, inland, may feel an M3, but this is not a strong feeling at the moment. (repeat of last post)
Kermadec islands may show up with some more movement of M3+.
East of Gisborne, off shore or coast? Maybe an M3 (+?).
White Island may come into the picture again for an M3+.
Between Palmerston North and Napier an M2(+?)
East of Dunedin (at sea) M2+?

I am going to post a link below to the Australian Geoscience website, for you to look at all the current tremors felt around Australia. The regions I have speculated on have been experiencing a few tremors.
Western Australia, South Australia, NT and NSW and Victoria have all experienced M2’s and a couple of M2+’s.
Victoria, south east, south and/or Bass Strait may pop up with an M3.
I feel we may again see some more inland locations, dotted, in various states, M2’s and the odd M3. There is still pressure/movement occurring in the plates to the north and north east of Oz, this may be aggravating some faults on our mainland.

The east coast of Australia may see M2’(+?)s perhaps near/offshore;
- east of the Great Sandy National Park (QLD)
- way east of Townsville/north-west of New Caledonia (Coral Sea) (QLD)
- east of Newcastle (NSW)
- due east of Sydney(NSW)/west of NZ (ridge?)
- east of Canberra (ACT)/(NSW)
- south-east of Tasmania (ridge?)(if so, it may me M3+)
Way west of Perth (at sea) a ridge/trench may come up with an M4 (+?).
South West of WA will continue to feel an odd M2 and maybe an M3.

The north/west, south and west side of Sumatra may again experience an M3+(+?).
Northern Salawesi and the Banda Sea (including the Moluccas islands) regions may experience more M3+’s.
The Celebes Sea an M3+.
Halmahera (Moluccas) maybe another M3+
Ternate Island – north Maluku Province M3(+?) (volcano related)
South of Bali (east Java) may feel an M3+(+?) again.
Central Java region (volcano related)

May continue to experience the odd M4+(+?). The movement here has not settled yet.

May experience an M3+ and maybe north east of Taiwan, towards Naha.

Marianna islands/Guam
maybe an M3+

Japan and Islands– (repeat)
Maybe east and north east of Tokyo and Honshu, an M3+?
And north/east of northern Japan.
Kuril Islands and far west of the Kurils maybe an M3+.
The Volcanic islands may see another M4+
East of Morioka (off coast) maybe an M3+

Northern Vietnam – maybe an M2+

Alaska and the Aleutian islands –
Alaska, mainland, will continue to rumble with M1’s, M2’s and the odd M3+. M1+’s may continue rumble north inland.
Central Alaska may feel another M3+(+?).
The Aleutian Islands (peninsula) are ‘sticking’ with me for a potential M4+, as well as M2+’s.
The northern region of the Gulf of Alaska may experience an m3+.
East of the Kobuk Valley National Park an M3

Western Russia, the far/east and central south (near border with Mongolia/Kazakhstan) may experience an M3’ish.
Kamchatka may see another M3+.
The Sea of Okhotsk may see an M3+.
North of the Laptev Sea (north of the central top coast of Russia).
Maybe near the border with Finland/Belarus an M3(+?).
South east of Novosibirsk (near border with Mongolia) M2+??

Will continue to sporadically experience M1’s and M2’s. Another M3 (+?) may be felt.

An M3+ may pop up in the far west, central south, south west, north west and east/south/east.

Tibet/Nepal –
Still a mild feeling of an M3+

Myanmar/Thailand –
Maybe near Yangon an M2+(+?) and Andaman Sea an M3+, Myanmar M3++

West, central and north east may experience an M3++.
Afghanistan/Pakistan border an m3+?
Afghanistan/Tajikistan border an M3+?

Maybe southern and northern Pakistan (border with India?) and north with the border of Afghanistan – M3’ish
I am being drawn to west of Karachi for an M3+
A ridge/trench in the Arabian Sea may see an M3++

North western, north east, central and southern regions may see an M3+, maybe the Iran/Iraq border too.
Iran/Azerbaijan border? M3+
The Caspian Sea may experience an M3+.

Maybe an M3 (+?)

Border may see an m3+ (+?).and an M3+ for Kyrgyzstan central.

Will continue to rumble with M1’s, M2’s and the odd M3 (maybe +)
Near Van an M3+
South of the Black Sea an M2+?
Central Turkey a M3+ (north of Adana)
South west near Rhodes an M3 (+?)
West (Aegean Sea) an m3+?
Turkey/Armenia/Georgia border an M3?



May experience another M3


Denmark/Norway/Finland/Sweden –
M1, M2, M1 and M3 respectively



M2 (east)

M2’s, maybe an M3(+?)

United Kingdom, Ireland and Scotland –
North UK an M2 ? Ireland M1? Scotland M1?

Iceland/Jan Mayen Islands regions –
Maybe another m3++
Near Reykjavik an M3(+?)

(west of) ridge/trench in Greenland sea m3+

Greece – (repeat + more)
Southern Greece may be visited by an M3++ and the odd m2. The Mediterranean and Ionian Sea and/or Aegean Sea may see another M3 (++?)
I am getting a strong feeling for the western regions out of Athens – south east of Lamia for an M4+. This region has been sticking with me for quite a while now. Let’s hope I am wrong – if this does occur, I remind all that I am empathetic to the impact of such M’s on communities and their safety.

Italy – (repeat)
May feel another M2+ and maybe another M3
South M2+
South west of Naples and north of Centro M2+
East of Catania M2+
Northern Italy between Torino and Verona m2+
Maybe between Florence and Terni an M2+

Spain and Portugal – (repeat)
May feel an M2+ and M3+ respectively. 
Funchal Islands, Azores Islands may feel M2+(+?)’s.
Gibraltar an M3?
Ponta Delgada Islands/Angra Do Heroismo (well west of Portugal in the North Atlantic) an m3+
Canary Islands  M3+? The El Hierro Volcano is causing some concern (amongst others around the world). The link below takes you to an up-to-date report of its activity on the Earthquake Report website

North and South Atlantic ridges and/or trenches –
May see an m4++’s.

Pacific Seas
South, Central and North Pacific ridges/trenches m3++

Southern Ocean –
Maybe well below South America and/or south/east of New Zealand – not strong feeling atm.

Arctic Ocean
North east of Greenland M4+?

Indian Ocean(repeat)
Well west of Australia ridge/trench may surprise with an M3+
South of Madagascar and Madagascar itself maybe an m3+

Greenland Sea
North east and east of Greenland M3+

Norwegian Sea
Again west of Norway (ridge/trench) M3+

Bulgaria/Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina –
M2 (+?), M2+ and M2++ respectively.

Between Romania and Ukraine M1+?

Ukraine/Belarus border

South M2

France/Germany/Austria –
Maybe M2+’s for France, possibly an M3+
An M2(+?) for Germany
Austria may see an M1+

At the moment of typing this post, I am only getting a feeling for the southern part/tip of India. If this feeling changes, I will note it here with the date and time.

north/east of Ethiopia,
North of Morocco,
Near the Gulf of Adenmaybe an M3 (+?)
North of Libya maybe an M2+
North east of Tunisia M3?
North/east of Somalia M3?
South west of Liberia? M3+? (ridge)
Far south/west and south/east of Cape Town at sea (ridge) m3+?
South west of Nigeria (at sea) an M3 (+?)
Eastern Eritrea M3
West of Equatorial Guinea (ridge/trench) M3(+?)

Saudi Arabia/Yemen/Oman –
Maybe south of Yemen, north/west of Saudi Arabia (and maybe south/east, maybe north east, south and east of Oman M3+
Perhaps the Red Sea, near Eritrea an M3
Due south of Salalah, Oman and m3+

Slovakia/Czech Republic
M1, M2+’s (maybe an M3+) - respectively 

This is another substantial list again, and I have probably left out a couple of regions.
Again, these M’s are only feelings and not predictions. So, I may be quite wrong with some of them and some may not occur at all, which is what I actually hope for.
I hope for all communities to be safe and peaceful.

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