In creating this blog, I hope to share with other like-minded people my interest in observing and intuiting earth changes, such as earthquakes and other natural activity, before they may occur.
Instead of using the words prophecy, prediction and/or pre-empting, I tend to use the word ‘feeling’ or ‘feelings’ to describe the inklings I get regarding potential earthquakes and other earthly events.
Since I was a small child my intuition and feelings prior to numerous earthly ‘events’ were confirmed as time passed. Now, I am not always correct. I am no great wise one with infinite abilities to foresee events.
I hope to post interesting links, Youtube videos and my own observations/feelings regarding earthquakes, volcanoes and such.
One thing I'd like to add here, is that I am aware that some earthquake and other natural events can adversely affect many people and their communities. So whatever I add to this blog is not for reasons of sensationalism or for satisfaction of confirmation of any 'feelings' I may have about events. I always am considerate and empathetic to/of the impact of such things.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6th 2012

In Memory of The Bounty

November 6th, 2012 – next 7 days
This list completed on Tuesday 6th November, 2.00am Melbourne time, 2012.
If there are any spelling mistakes, due to typing this post at a ridiculous time ;), I will proofread and repair them a.s.a.p.  :) I also have had some issues with my computer (very frustrating), so since completing this list some of the regions have come up.

This is a fairly extensive list for this post –
Remember, these are not predictions of actual events, they are just ‘feelings’ of where ‘energies’ may be focused. I could be very wrong.
I hope for all communities to be safe.
North America
Washington State, M1's, 2's? and maybe an M3 (+)?
West of Grants Pass (coast) and/or Portland, Oregon may feel an M3+
East of Fresno may experience an M3+. West of Fresno may see an m3+?
The east coast, around New Jersey, New York City to Maine may feel an M2+(?),
Arkansas/Tennessee/Mississippi border regionmay feel an M2+
Fort Worth, Texas region perhaps an M2(+?).
Nevada, towards the western regions, may come up with an M3(+?) 
Colorado may feel an M3(+)?
For some reason the beachline (land) areas running around Michigan and Wisconsin are drawing me towards it, in that very general area, for maybe an M2(+?). I am not talking about tsunami/floods. 

Yellowstone, Yosemite and Sequoia National parks may come up with an M3(+?)
?Channel Islands national park M3(+?)
Eureka region maybe an M3(+?)

North, Central and Southern California regions will continue to rumble with M1’s, M2’s and sporadic M3+’s.
? for an M2 (maybe +?) Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington State, New Mexico, Wyoming, Minnesota, New York, Vermont and Rhode Island, Maine, Los Angeles/San Diego.
The region of the Salton Sea and Mexicali are still drawing to it for a potential M3+?

“If you imagine an ‘L’ shape, from Washington/Montana, down to Utah/Arizona – then east across and including states such as Colorado, Kansas/Oklahoma, Missouri/Arkansas, Kentucky/Tennessee/Mississippi through to Virginia – there seems to be occurrences of M1’s, M2’s and the occasional M3. This pattern will probably continue – with the M’s popping up in these states sporadically” .Sentir La Terre 2012  (I am going to leave this in each post, I feel it is relevant).
Central America
Regions which may feel an M2+ or M3+;
* Gulf of California and on Pacific side.
* Mexico west coast – near Guadalajara, Salina Cruz, Manzanillo, Oaxaca, Island of Socorro, Mexico City maybe an M2(++?)
* Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama
* The islands between the British Virgin Islands and Trinidad and Tobago may feel and M3?

Dominican Republic/Puerto Rico/British Virgin Islands
May feel and m3+

South America
Dotted down the west coast of South America may see more M3+’s - Columbia, Equador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia
The Bolivia /Peru border region (La Paz?) may feel an m3+. And maybe west of La Paz along the coast.
North/west of Lima, Peru, maybe an M3+
Maybe in the Galapagos Islands region an M3+
Venezuela may feel an M3+
(South Sandwich Islands may feel an M3+)
Argentina may come up with an M3+ again.
Maybe south of Conception (coast or off coast) M3+
Maybe east of Rio Grande do Norte (ridge?) an M3+
Maybe north/east of French Guiana (off shore/ridge/trench) M3+

Canada (repeat + more)
The Yukon and British Columbia may see an M2+ and maybe an M3+ near the Gulf of Alaska.
* Offshore Vancouver may see an M3+
* Saskatchewan and lower Ontario/Quebec may feel an M2+(+?)
* St. Lawrence and maybe the Gulf of St. Lawrence may feel an M2+
* The Queen Charlotte Islands region may continue to feel M’s ranging from M2 to M5+ for a while yet, similar to Christchurch (NZ) experienced after their major quake some time ago and have had multiple tremors since.
Maybe east of New Foundland and Labrador, possibly a ridge ?M3+(?)

Pacific islands
Most of the Pacific Islands may continue to experience some M3's and/or more of the M3+(+?)’s.
Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, PNG, Nendo Island region, east of San Cristobal Island, south of New Britain Island, American Samoa, and maybe the Marshall Islands.
Maybe east of New Caledonia?, M3+
West Papua an M3+?
The Bismarck Arch may come up with an M3+
The triangle region between New Caledonia/ Vanuatu/Solomon’s may see an M3+
Guam and the Northern Marianna Islands regions may feel an M3+

Tahiti/Pitcairn/Easter Islands
Easter Island may see an M3+
Tahiti and Pitcairn may feel an M3 (but a very mild feeling only)

New Zealand
The North and South islands may continue to feel M1’s, M2’s and the odd M3.
Christchurch regions will continue to feel M2’s, 1’s and the odd M3.
There may be M2's and maybe an M3+? on the sth west side of the South Island and south of the Sth Island..
Maybe in the region of Nelson Lakes National Park and M2+
North east of the North Island may see an M3+?
The regions surrounding Rotorua and Taupo may rumble with M2’s, the odd M3 and maybe an M3+. 
South of Wellington may feel an M2++
The lower half of the east coast of the North Island may have M2+'s dotted along the land and maybe well south/east of Waipukurau - just offshore.
In the 'triangle' region between Tauranga/Taupo/Gisbourne, there may be M1's, M2's and the odd M3 (+?).
The Kermadec Islands may come up with another M3(+)
For some reason I am being drawn to the north/western tip of the North Island, maybe at sea.
The south, south/east and west of Oz may continue to feel M2’s and the odd M3.
Western Australia, the Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales may feel the odd M2 (+?)
The region north of the Northern Territory, between it and Indonesia - in the Timor Sea, could be the surprise place of movement I  mentioned I was feeling in an earlier post. This region above Australia, where the EQ's have been occuring, feels like it (movement) may gravitate down towards the Australian mainland.
Well west of Perth (ridge/trench) may show an M4(+?)
Due south of Tasmania (towards Macquarie Island) and due south of the Western Australia and South Australia border (halfway to Antarctica) may come up with an M3+(+?) (trench/ridge) 
North/east of Tasmania (at sea) is still sticking with me for some reason???? M3’ish
The above is a repeat with a deletion of the WA west coast mention in the last list. But, the feeling for WA coast hasn't left me altogether.
See my post on November, for my reference to Victoria.
Link below to the Australian Geoscience website, for you to look at all the current tremors felt around Australia.

Indonesia (repeat)
That line I keep referring to from the South China, Sulu, Celebes, Banda, Molucca and Timor Seas (into the Indonesian regions) is still sticking with me as a zone of ‘pressure’ – which could mean more M4+’s. This appears to be an ongoing movement.
The Sumatran end of Indonesia and the south of Java may continue to experience M3+(+?)’s
Bandung (south of) near Christmas Island may come up with an M3+
The Cocos Islands region is ‘ringing a bell’ for me for some reason????
Papua M3+
The Ternate Islands region, maybe an M3+(+?)

Maybe east of Malaysia, the Celebes Sea M3(?)
Maybe near the Borneo region an M3(+?)

As per “South China, Sulu, Celebes, Banda, Molucca and Timor Seas” mentioned above. (East of Luzon/Quezon at sea? M3?)
Maybe east of Davao M3(+?)
Maybe east and west of Quezon, ?M3(+)

May experience an M3+ and maybe north east of Taiwan, towards Naha.

Japan and Islands
The cluster of Volcanic islands may feel M3+’s in some places.
East of Honshu, Morioka, Tokyo, Fukushima and maybe Kagoshima may feel an m3+(+?)
The Kurils may feel an M3+?
Way east of Sapporo (plate boundary) may feel an M3+?
Bonin Islands may feel an M3+
The Kuril Island regions may feel renewed movement of M3(+?)

Mild feeling for the border with Laos – M?

Alaska and the Aleutian islands
Gulf and up through the mainland (north running) may continue to feel M1’s, M2’s and the odd M3.
I am getting a mild feeling for the Gulf of Alaska (sea) for an M3+(+?)
The islands along the Aleutians may feel an M2, M2+ and maybe an M3+?
Northern Alaska may see an M3(+?)
The activity in Canada may translate into the Gulf of Alaska and surrounds.

M3+? Border with Russia and the border with China.

South central, south east, east and west may feel an M3.
South central? May feel an M3+?
Far north (at sea?) may feel an M3+. Could this be the Laptev Sea?
South west, above Georgia an M3(+?)
Kamchatka may feel another M3+. This region is resonating with me for more than one movement.
I am also being drawn to the region surrounding St. Petersburg, M?

May continue to feel an M2, M3 (+?). I am getting a feeling of further disturbance from potential activity involving the Queen Charlotte Islands or Alaska - could be wrong...

East/south/east, south east, central south and west may feel an M3(+?)
Including regions? – Xingjian, Yunnan, Guangxi and near Taiwan.

Still a mild feeling of an M3+

Towards the west – near (Myanmar border with Andaman Sea maybe an M3+)

West, central and north/east maybe an m3, M3(+?)
Maybe near Kabul and south with Pakistan (???)
The Hindu Kush region may continue to experience movement of M3+(+?)

North east, south and border with Afghanistan an M3, M3(+?)
Near the coast with Arabian Sea an M3(+?)
Maybe near the coastal border with Iran an M3(+?)

North, south and east maybe an M3+
Maybe border with Iraq an m3+

West and north maybe an M3(+?)

Maybe an M3+

Border maybe an M3+

Maybe near the Caspian Sea and with the border with Georgia M3 (?)

Maybe south/west, south/east and central south, M3(+?)

M2 and M3 scattered across region.
Maybe an M3+?
Maybe near Adana, Antalya and central Turkey M+ (?)

Maybe near the border with Romania M3

Region – M3(?)



May experience M1's, M2's and an M3(+?)


M1, M2, Finland maybe the border with Russia ?M3, and M3 respectively


M1? Mild feeling only.

M2 (east)

M2’s, maybe an M3(+?)

United Kingdom, Ireland and Scotland
North UK an M2 ? London or Leeds (an 'L' is sticking with me) could be wrong...
Ireland M1? Maybe west of Ireland (ridge/trench) M?
Scotland M1?

Iceland and Jan Mayen Islands regions
Maybe an m3 or M3+

Greenland sea? m3+, maybe south west and north west, ridge.

Southern, central and Islands M2’s and the odd M3. Maybe an M3+ in south.
Crete maybe an M3 (+?)
The surrounding seas (a couple) may experience the odd M3 (+?)

Maybe near regions of Catalina, Naples, Torino, Milan, Palermo – maybe M2’s and the odd M3(+?)...could be wrong

Spain and Portugal
Flores, near Lisbon, Gibraltar, Saragossa/Barcelona, Funchal and Canary Islands regions, maybe M2”s and odd M3(+?)
South west of Portugal - ridge (Azores?) M3(+?)

North and South, Mid Atlantic ridges and/or trenches
May see an m4++’s.

Pacific Seas
South, Central and North Pacific ridges/trenches m3++

Southern Ocean
Maybe well below South America and/or south/east of New Zealand – M4(+?)

Arctic Ocean
North east (and east) of Greenland M4+?

Indian Ocean
Well west of Australia ridge/trench maybe M3+’s
South/east and east of Madagascar and Madagascar itself maybe an m3+
Maybe south of India M3+
Central Indian Ocean, M3(+?)

Greenland and Greenland Sea
North east and east of Greenland M3+
South/east of Greenland M3(+?)

Norwegian Sea
Again west of Norway (ridge/trench) M3+

Arabian Sea
North of (?) and south/west of Sri Lanka M3+(?)

Bulgaria/Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina
M2 (+?), M2+ and M2+(+?) respectively.

Between Romania and Ukraine M1+?

Ukraine/Belarus border

South M2 and maybe an M3(+?)

Maybe M2+’s for France, possibly an M3+
An M2(+?) for Germany or near its border with Poland and/or France.
Austria? may see an M1+

Southern end of India – M3(+?)
(Maldives region) – M3(+?)
Maybe north near Pakistan border M?
For some reason I am being drawn to Madhya Pradesh (central, slightly north), M?

Africa (mild feelings only)
Regions of, Red Sea (Eritrea), Nigeria, Somalia, Tanzania, South Africa, Gabon, Liberia, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Morocco and Western Sahara may feel M2 (++?)’s. Some of these regions may not come up, but I have some feelings for these regions.
Mild feeling for due south of South Africa (ridge/trench) M3+?

Saudi Arabia/Yemen/Oman/Egypt
Saudi Arabia - (west) M3?
Yemen – S/E? M3
Oman – S/E M2+?
Egypt – north/east M2+?

Slovakia/Czech Republic
M1, M2+’s (maybe an M3+) - respectively

Antarctica (repeat)
Western region (coast) (situated far west/south/west of the lowest tip of South America) M3+? (Southern Ocean)
Antarctic coast well due south of South Island of New Zealand M3? (+?).
Due south of eastern Australia, near M3+?

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