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Instead of using the words prophecy, prediction and/or pre-empting, I tend to use the word ‘feeling’ or ‘feelings’ to describe the inklings I get regarding potential earthquakes and other earthly events.
Since I was a small child my intuition and feelings prior to numerous earthly ‘events’ were confirmed as time passed. Now, I am not always correct. I am no great wise one with infinite abilities to foresee events.
I hope to post interesting links, Youtube videos and my own observations/feelings regarding earthquakes, volcanoes and such.
One thing I'd like to add here, is that I am aware that some earthquake and other natural events can adversely affect many people and their communities. So whatever I add to this blog is not for reasons of sensationalism or for satisfaction of confirmation of any 'feelings' I may have about events. I always am considerate and empathetic to/of the impact of such things.
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11th 2012 - next 48 hours - pt 2

Just returned to check feeds and paste the rest of my post……north western Iran has experienced M6.6’s and M4+'s.  I had a very strong feeling about this particular region, and I was feeling uncomfortable about this when suspecting this may occur. I hope the communities are safe.

Here is a link (which I have added on 12th August at 12pm Melbourne time) to a concise report on the series of quakes in Iran - Twin quakes in Iran

Here’s the rest of the post I compiled a couple of hours ago.

Eastern China (towards Taiwan?) may experience an M3+.
Myanmar is sticking with me a bit at the moment for maybe an M4.
The Java and Banda Sea regions are, I feel, possibilities to be visited by an M3+.
The Philippines may feel an M3 (north – Luzon or south region), east of Davao.
The east of PNG may see an M3+.

The Kermadec islands may feel an M3+.
Santa Cruz, Samoa and the Solomon Islands may feel an M3.
The Mariana islands may feel an M3.

New Zealand has been thankfully ‘quiet’ today. But I feel they may see some more ‘movement’ in the South Island – M3+?, and maybe M4 in the North Island (south of Auckland – towards centre of the North Island) and at sea north east of the North island.

I have a faint feeling about Macquarie Island, south-south east of Australia. Maybe an M3+.

The east of Russia, towards the Kamchatka Peninsula is still sticking with me a bit.  Maybe an m3+. The far north of Russia is prickling at me too – maybe even beyond the continent’s northern edge.

The regions of Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, north of Algeria, the Mediterranean sea, through to western Turkey, may continue to or newly feel rumbles of M2’s or M2+’s.

I am still being drawn to the Caspian Sea for a potential M3+.

Also have a feeling about the North Atlantic ridge – M4?

Alaska unfortunately will continue to rumble with M1’s, M2’s and sporadic M3’s. There may be the potential of another M4 (+?) on the mainland and the Aleutian islands region.

In a previous post, I had mentioned that the central or southern regions Yukon territory of Canada may experience movement. I was a bit off, in that the northern reaches of the Yukon experienced the movement instead. I feel that the far eastern region of Canada may experience an M3.

The ‘stretch’ between Washington state and the Gulf of California will probably continue to experience M2’s and the odd m3. The south west of Oregon (coast?) may feel another M3+.

US inland states of Montana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and maybe Tennessee/Kentucky may feel M2’s (+’s???).

Costa Rica, Guatemala, down to Panama may experience an M3+.

Peru, Bolivia, near Santiago (perhaps south west of – at sea), Chile, Ecuador and the Sandwich islands may experience M3+’s.

I have mentioned quite a few places here, some with moderate magnitudes. As always, I am happier when I am wrong rather than feeling a sense of self satisfaction of any kind when I may be correct (by degrees). When an earthquake event impacts poorly on any community, there cannot be any self contentment from anyone who may, like myself, believe in their own abilities (by degrees) to pre-empt such.

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